4 Blogs are on the radar to be published in the month of October 2019

Festival season started already, After holy Pitru-Paksha and Navratri's and Alisha’s joining preschool, everything is just awesome. Its time to get started with some blogging and sharing my experience with you all so I am going to publish the below-mentioned blogs this month.

1. Why we chose Kidzee for Alisha’s preschool?

Preschooling has been started for Alisha, It was decided with a small experiment we did with her on the visit day in Kidzee Uttam Nagar Branch. We found her taking interest in doing get together with other kids without any hesitation…

2. What did Alisha learn in her first month in the kindergarten Kidzee?

Alisha is doing a lot of activity, We are observing a change in her everyday, unlike most of the kids who deny going school every day, Alisha is always excited to go and get ready before the time…

3. 4 things you must do before planing the family

You are married for some time now and if you are thinking to have a baby, you must do the following things as a couple/life partner for a healthy/wealthy baby and your future. You should get started with knowing how well you understand your partner well….

4. 5 Myths about how childern learns

People around you like relatives, neighbors would start giving a lot of suggestions on caring and growing your child and may follow with you on checking if you are following their recommendation or not. This happens a lot specifically in India. You can be in trouble if you try to implement what those people say to you to follow so be-aware even though they have grown up their child. You first validate things, read over the internet and ask your infant’s pediatrician, but still, only you are the best person to understand your child. read my full blog on how children learn gradually.