Case Study: KissMetrics, Story behind the expirements

KissMetrics is a distributed team, and most like a distributed teams, communication can be difficult. Having 20 People distributed across the 4 timezones and hindered by e-mail and conference call inefficiencies and a lack of serendipitous face time typically results not only in productivity but also in morale issues. So the team of KissMetrics recognized the the communication issues were having a significant, negative impact on the growth of the business.

The complete use-case was like "The left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing".  Remote people didn't feel like they are connected with the team and rest of the company. And this issue of getting things done was a challenging.  Then the Management had decided to implement a process called "Golden Motion", which would break through the inertia. The basic idea was to pick a single metric important to the business and then have an internal competition to improve it and found the data is directly impact with the success. In the way like :
- To track no of signups for trail
- Talk to the sales team 
- Overall percentages who all went for purchase.

The steps were designed for the Golden Motion were -
-- To find the bottleneck - Converting initial customers to satisfied customers 
-- Establishing teams to achieve  specific objective. They formed 3 cross-functional teams with the target to improve that particular metric by 25 percentage in three weeks. All the department was involved.
-- Each team to come up with its own by pothesis and then work aggressively toward invalidating it.- This step involved communication with customers, micro surveys, and user research like usability testing.

The cross-functional nature was critical to success. Neither design nor engineering could have resolved the problem on its own. 

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