Tweet Poster module is used to post the Tweet status with Image on from our website.

The main advantage of this module is it tweets the image with status on with the help of Tweet Pic API ( The module is easy to configure.

Locking down dependency version with NodeJS

NodeJS, Express JS, Locking down dependencies injection

NodeJs is the event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment. You can build the Client-side and server-side applications. Now it is more popular for most of the application development, You can utilize and explore Node for a Web-based application, Mobile Apps, and IoT applications. 

Case Study: KissMetrics, Story behind the experiments

Case Study: KissMetrics, Story behind the experiments

The complete use-case was like "The left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing".  Remote people didn't feel like they are connected with the team and rest of the company. And this issue of getting things done was a challenging.  Then the Management had decided to implement a process called "Golden Motion", which would break through the inertia.

How to create my first app in NodeJs?

asynchronous js node js

NodeJs is a server-side, asynchronous and event driven programming language mainly used to create real-time applications like chat system in which we need to perform tasks without refreshing page as well as communicate with the database. It’s an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for server side.

Drupal 8 at a glance

drupal 8 logo icon

Its good to see that Drupal 8 has being used namespaces, Object oriented and weird directory structure.
Alex Bronstein long time core developer and first time on blogger said has written an excellence piece offering a small introduction to change to Drupal 8 or people who are less.