Why I liked the book "Your dreams are mine now"?

The huge mobile data and smartphones in India are making everyone's life faster, nowadays people prefer spending time on mobile phones rather than people around them. I am one of them, It's simple you just give more value to the virtual world. I play games or watch youtube a lot. Maybe at home, you can find to do something else but what will you do when you are commuting? I tried multiple times to read books but every-time I found boring after reading a couple of pages. So the first time I became more dedicated to completing the book, The book which made me eager to read further is  "Your dreams are mine now - Ravinder Singh". Basically this book was bought by my wife and last 2 weeks ago I found this book at home with my old notes. The book title "Your dreams are mine now" insisted me to read a couple of pages instantly.

After reading a couple of the pages, I found, in my imagination, I can see the full picture of what each line is saying. The story from Rupali's entrance in DU to meeting Raheema for helping her out from Mahajan's molestation persist in reading further because when I watch on youtube any video like "Crime Petrol", makes to watch the full story. So, in the same way, the story was becoming more interesting.

So here are the couple of things which made me read the book "Your dreams are mine now - Ravinder Singh"

Trust - First I want to give a full credit to the writer who wrote the book with full of feelings, emotions, love, and trust. When Raheema trusted Rupali and told her the truth and Rupali trusted on Arjun even the first impression of Arjun's was not good because his parties member had destroyed their(Rupali's music group) music instruments and stopped them from doing a rehearsal at the beginning of her college days. This was just beginning of the trust which took a place of relationship later.

Fighting for justice - Raheema a lady peon was just with the mindset that "Mahajan is a big man and she can't-do anything." But when she got support from Rupali, Arjun and the other students of DU  her to get justice without coming at front.

Open Minded Roomie - Saloni is the roomie of Rupali and she always pushes her to be open and to be more modern which is not wrong. Even with me also, if my friend is not open-minded, I initiate to make him comfortable.

Each other's support - Well, Arjun's and his friends helped her in exposing Mahajan and sending him prison. And later when they were in the relationship, Rupali started supporting Arjun's even she didn't like politics and she explained how the things might go wrong.

I am not interested in writing about the incident happens with the girl who had entered in Delhi for making her dream comes true and always fought against corruption. It's your wish if you want to know more about the conclusion of the book.

That's all. Your opinion might be different so please post in comments. As this book helps me in reading so I want to continue reading more so please suggest the names.


Rob (not verified) , Sep 17 2017 - 11:56am
I liked this book because the title is very much cleared even the author has clearly proved on the storyline. The Love section. The Romance between Rupali and Arjun was so Cute I loved it so much while reading, for a few seconds, i used to close my eyes and visualize the scenes. I have read lot of Indian Authored Love Stories, But this one was kind of out of the box. Ravinder shows his sprit when it comes to story writing. Most of the Love stories are typical and wound be very unskilled way.