Drupal Delhi Meetup June 2017 Notes

This time the Drupal Delhi meetup held in Mckinsey Capability Center Gurugram, Haryana. The meetup started with AM snacks and the introduction talk by Mr. Obaid Malik, He talked about how Drupal is leveraged and more exciting future events.

Moving forward with lightning talk talks on "Drupal Connect" by Ritesh Gurung gave the more future perspective of Drupal echo system with the integrated system. Here are notes 
Drupal is a central repository to deliver the content - Drupal is awesome with the API-first approach and it is a passport for our future. Which highlights the needs for that. He also talked about Drupal Ecosystem with how the hobby project Drupal become a matured enough to win in a market.

Drupal Echo system - Drupal Connect

He also sheds on now how you understand the requirement on what, why the client wants with pain areas of business which completely involves the good strategy includes Development, tests cases, the process of the data and deployment. He also talked about the System works with -> Innovation -> Engagement, Integration and records. Drupal is enough capable of handling the Decoupled and Disjoint architecture for example with Mobile apps and Drupal as a backend service and there are few APIs no no API layer. 

To know more from Ritesh's ideology and experience, do attend the upcoming Drupal Delhi meetup.

Cons of not using proper cacheability metadata - Rohit Joshi (@joshi.rohit100)

Problem Statement and usecase - if you create a user block or breadcrumb which should be specific to authenticated users but you see it is getting cached for all users. which return the same links for all.

Rohit Joghi - Showing Demo of Drupal cacheablity
Here are some notes from Rohit's Talk -

  • With Drupal 8 how we can invalidate the specific cache with Cache tags, Max-age and Cache context.
  • Max-age - how long the things have gone invalidate.
  • Context - The specific context like block will get cached and will be user specific comes under cache context.
  • Cachetags - Nothing with something which can tags for example node in a view can be tagged on updating the node with invalidating the cache on views as well.

Get the code context from Rohit's blog - https://medium.com/@joshirohit100/cache-context-drupal-8-a-buggy-code-story-f5809596a9ff 

Current Status of Search in Drupal8 - Vaibhav Jain

This session was more about the highlighting the issues of Drupal 8 search modules and what Vaibhav has experienced and knowledgeable. Here are the notes - 
- Solr is still buggy and getting resolved by the community.
- Autocomplete 2- Limitation - Whatever words are in indexed comes in autocomplete, words are not available are
- Spellcheck - not available on d.o but on https://github.com/drupal-modules/spellchecker 
- Multilingual - limitation in few languages.
- Facet module is stable and works pretty well. (Architecture is completely rewritten in d8 with plugins, Filtering in facets itself can be done with Facet search)
- Search 404 - Is available in Beta. You can use it on own risks.
- Search API attachment - works with Apache tikka and works pretty well.
- Search API location - still in idea
- Ajax is under improvement when using multilingual.

What has improved - 
Better user stopper and synonyms.
Elevate and Eliminate - This module let editors configure search terms per entity that should trigger elevate (best bets) or exclude when users are searching the site. https://www.drupal.org/project/search_api_best_bets


Creating custom fields (types, widget & formatters) in Drupal8 - Jay Kandari 

Find the sample vcard code repository on GitHub - https://github.com/JayKandari/vcard 
Hands-on on Drupal 8 custom fields notes - 

Jay Kandari Drupal Meetup delhi

  •  The field is a piece of data stored in db.
  • The content type is core to Drupal's flexible content type management, flexibility achieved by fields.
  • Drupal already shifts with fields type of data. So it's all upon you to explore it use it as you want.
  • How Drupal 8 has extended the feasibility creating custom fields which make Drupal ecosystem beautiful.

And post Jay's hands-on lab we went for Lunch and then we started CodeSprint till 4 PM.

This was really one of the best meetups in Drupal Delhi community and now looking for more similar/better meetups. 

Conclusion - Two-way communication teaches you more. So try to ask more questions to learn more.

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