• Drupal Delhi Meetup June 2017 Notes

    This time the Drupal Delhi meetup held in Mckinsey Capability Center Gurugram, Haryana. The meetup started with AM snacks and the introduction talk by Mr. Obaid Malik, He talked about how Drupal is leveraged and more exciting future events.
  • Why we chose Lumen microframework for our application to expose APIs?

    We did not want to use a full stack framework such as Laravel, or Symfony because we were using Drupal for the backend. This is a story of our recently developed project the headless project. using JS framework as a frontend and Drupal as a CMS admin.

    Tweeet Poster module is used to post the Tweet status with Image on http://twitter.com from our website.

    The main advantage of this module is it tweets the image with status on twitter.com with the help of Tweet Pic API (http://tweetpic.com/). The module is easy to configure.
  • How I started contributing back to the Drupal Community?

    “Giving back to the community is the fastest way to learn and grow”, This time I got an opportunity to help Drupal community of Ahmedabad (groups.drupal.org/ahmedabad) which needed to be groomed to get started. So I prepared an interactive session for the meetup. Here are the things we discussed during the session.
  • How to Enable memcache on Acquia Cloud?

    The Memcache Admin Drupal module, which is included in the Memcache API and Integration project, provides statistics about how Memcached is behaving on your website.