In every mistake there is a potential for growth

Do you really learn from your day by day mistakes? Because in every mistake there is a potential for growth when we admit them.

Try to remember all the mistakes you made in the past life and check how those mistakes improved your skills, personality and lifestyle. 

We can learn from own's mistakes as well as other's mistake. But most of the time we ignore the mistakes made by others and wait for own turns to do the same. In Hindi we call it "Khud dhakke khane se hee sikhunga". Why? According to the Chanakya Neeti's "we should learn from other's mistakes too. The brilliant people are just a bit more talented than the normal people. They eat the same food as others. The only things they observe are other's activities and focus on the weak points of the others and learn from them that what they should not follow or how they will make sure that they are not gonna follow the wrong things." History legends, all people did a lot of mistakes from their childhood. As far as they grew up, they worked on all those action items and learnt in the best way and they made history.

In today's time, we are surrounded by many people, everyday we see what others are doing wrong and making mistakes. 
 If you do experiment on yourself, It may take your whole life to learn. In the crises the brilliant people can't save, the people who understand the situation and mould himself easily in the situation can save".

Making mistakes is a human nature when you are doing something. we can learn a lot of things from our mistakes. Here is how we can try:

Take ownership of mistakes -

Most of the time when we realise this was my mistakes or someone realises us, it may hurt us for sometime maybe 10 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day depends the how big the mistake was.  So if we take those mistakes as a feedback and we can get an opportunity to improve, will teach us a lot. Sometimes we do not want to accept when others show us the mirror.

Don't Dwell on the Negative Hurting -

If you have a tendency to dwell on mistakes (you know who you are!), there is a simple step you can take to move forward.
That's Okay!, Let it go with the past and take it positive for your future. 

The more you learn to let go of your past mistakes, and instead find things about yourself that you can love, appreciate and accept, the more positive your life will become.