• How to make Sooji Upma at home?

    The common southindian dish Upma is a breakfast dish for Tamil, Srilankan and Maharastra most of the south part of India and now it is easily available in north India like Delhi, Chandigarh etc cities. It’s very healthy and light for breakfast. It is made of Semolina or Sooji (Rava), there are many ways Upma is prepared; indeed, every Upma cook usually will incorporate variations in flavour when making Upma.
  • How to make potato nuggets in cutlets style?

    Potato nuggets are very tasty tea time snack. It is very easy to prepare and takes too less time to make. Children love it surely, even you will also love.
  • How to make Raw Banana Sabzi at home? Raw Banana Sabji Homemade

    Raw Banana Sabzi is a very tasty dish served with Chapatis for your lunch and dinner.
    As you all know Banana has very health benefits as it's a rich source of potassium. So you can have it without any guilt if you are health conscious too. It is easy to cook and your children will surely love this. Let's make it.