Get a peace of mind from 5 minutes of routine meditation

What happens when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired or distracted even after having a sleep of 8-12hrs. Yes, this happens sometimes when too many things go in parallel (as open programs in the computer system from a past few weeks without reboot) in your mind and you feel tired to think of how to get rid of with such kinds of situation. This situation was happening with me more often because I am a guy who thinks too many things at a time and even early morning those things wake up with me in my mind. I got sick internally for doing my daily job. There is no medicine which can fix such kinds of issue and later time they can take a place of depression. Even I personal experience I can't ignore my mind's activity when I am not at work. 

As gold purified in a furnace loses its impurities and achieves its own true nature, the mind gets rid of the impurities of the attributes of delusion, attachment and purity through meditation and attains Reality. – Adi Shankara

Meditation at early morning
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To keep the peace of my mind I started daily meditation for 5 minutes. Maybe there are other ways of doing this but what helped me are here -

- Find out the place to sit peacefully no worries if the park is crowded. You don’t need any fancy equipment, and you don’t even need a quiet environment.
- Take a moment to check your position before you begin. If you’re sitting, try to keep your back as straight as possible, without tensing up. Make sure your shoulders, neck and jaw are relaxed and do a quick mental scan over the rest of your body to check for any pockets of tension.
- With closed eyes and start with saying OoooooooooooMmmmmmmmmmmmm. Repeat 3 times. You can do this with open eyes but with closed eyes helps you to be more stick with that method throughout the meditation.
- Give attention to your head, feel a vibration on your head and then face area.
- Feel your breath deeply, how the air is passing through your lungs. With our busy time, we can't feel our breath is shallow or uneven. So meditation is the best time to feel it.
- Move your attention to right shoulders -> arms -> palms -> finger and feel how the air is touching yours.
- Now move ahead with your parts which are touched with earth feel them individually.
- Move your attentions on all the parts till the last finger of the right section.
- Now take a bottom to top approach.  And follow all above-mentioned steps.
- Once you are done then focus the sounds around you, anything the like bird's chirping, kids are playing or the senior citizens are discussing politics blah blah blah....
- At last, rub your hands together, and massage your face with your hands and open eyes closely. And tell how are you feeling now?

Meditation is all about practice, that allows you to re-connect with yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. If you follow it for 10-15 days continuously it will become your habit. These all steps helps me to refresh my mind and gives me a positive energy to start my day.

Note - I start the timer on a mobile phone for 5 mins minimum so I am aware that I am doing meditation for 5 mins at-least.