How adventurous are you? Plan your trek to Roopkund with Himalayas Heaven

Roopkund trek is one of the historical and adventurous trek in Uttarakhand. The Roopkund trek is popular because of many climbing mountain in this like Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Ronti Peak. Roopkund is also famous for the world largest celebration Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat, which is held in every twelve years. The lake of Roopkund is almost covered by the snow during the year. Roopkund is also known as a skeleton lake scientists have concluded that the skeletons of about 200 people discovered near the frozen lake belonged the people of the 9th-century Indian tribe who died due to a hail storm. The route of Roopkund trek passes through delightful meadows, grassland, like Auli Bugyal and Bedini Bugyal, Icelands and offers magnificent views of peaks like Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Chaukhamba among others.

Trek route from Kathgodam to Lohajung - approx 250 km (8-10 hours by van)

Kathgodam > Nanital> Kausani> Garur> Gwaldam> Dewal> Lohajung > Bedni Bugyal> Kalu Vinayak > Baguwavasha> Roopkund

For the Roopkund Trek Himalayas Heavens have maintained two seasons:

Summer season - May 15 to June end
Autumn season - Oct 1st to Sept 15

Cost and Fees

Participation Fees: 8990/- per person
Cab - 5500 per cab (Haridwar to Lohajung )

The cab will be arranged by company with extra charge ( cost not included in participation fees)


  • camping, tents, kitchen tents, toilet tent, sleeping bags, carry mats and tourist huts.
  • high calories meals all the day( breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
  • experienced and local area staff, guide, cook, helper and trek leaders.
  • tented accommodation 
  • basic first-aid
  • forest permission charge 
  • technical equipment like a cramp on, rope, ice axe, oxygen cylinder etc.

Requirement for trekkers

  • back-pack 40-60 ltr.
  • trekking shoes
  • trekking pants/trousers/t-shirts/ warm clothes 
  • flashlight with extra batteries.
  • snow sunglasses 
  • hiking poles
  • cold cream
  • camera( optional)
  • water bottle 
  • warm shocks (3 Pair)
  • poncho( provided by the company in extra charge)
  • plate, spoon, tissue paper
  • personal medication ( if any)

From here to there -
Day-1 - kathgodam to Lola Jung 280 km driving ( hotel stay at base camp Lola Jung)

Day-2 - Lola Jung to didina village 8.5 km trekking ( home stay)

Day-3 - didina village to bedni bugyal 13 Km trekking ( tent stay)

Day-4 - bedni bugyal to baguwavasha 8 km trekking ( tent stay)

Day-5 - Baguwavasha to Roopkund and return back to Paatarnachuni is 11km of trekking ( tent stay)

Day-6 - Paatarnachuni to Gairolipatal 8km trekking ( tent stay)

Day-7 - Gairolipatal to Lola Jung base camp 6 km trekking and 14 by van from Waan village ( hotel stay)

Day-8 - Lohajung to Kathgodam 280 km driving

Detailed itinerary-

Day-1 - Kathgodam to Lola Jung 280 km and 8-9 hours driving

After reaching to base camp Lohajung we provide tea to trekkers, the altitude of Lohajung base camp is approx  7778 ft. In the evening before dinner, we brief about the trek plan, and 8 pm trekkers starts dinner and goes to sleep so they get refreshed and ready for the first day.

Day-2 - Lohajung to Didina village 8.5 km trekking 8200 ft

The sun shines and the Himalaya and base camp Lola Jung looks Pretty, the birds are waiting to fly and trekkers start their second day of the trek in the early morning after breakfast by 8:00 am. The second-day trek Lola Jung to Didina village approx 8.5 km from base camp Lohajung. Didina is a famous village for Garhwali's local culture and it's a beautiful village located under the Himalaya. Altitude of this village is 8,200 ft. The Didina village just in front of our base camp and the village is famous for home stay and Garhwali dishes. After completing the second-day trek, trekkers enjoy Uttarakhand Garhwal culture and keep all memories in his heart.

Day-3 - Didina to Bedni Bugyal

The 3rd day we start from Didina, the route of Didina to Auli is in a zig-zag shape after 9 km trek we reached in the famous place Auli Bugyal. It is the biggest Bugyal ( grassland) in the Asia, so many big- big Medows in it. The Bugyal is approx 3,000 hectare, the altitude of Auli Bugyal is approx 12000ft, the location and view of this Bugyal look like woollen cloth.

We can see lot of crazy peaks from here like -

  • Trishul 
  • Nanda Ghunti 
  • Maktoli peak
  • Mirgthuni peak
  • Neelkant peak
  • Chaukhamba peak
  • Hathi Peak

After watching that kind of crazy peaks, we start for next location named Bedni Bugyal approx 4 km distance from Aali, Bedni is a famous and religious place of Uttarakhand. It is famous for the history of Maa Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat, which is held in every year in this place, God Brahma created Veds here, bedni altitude approx 11700 ft, after reaching here we play many games in the evening time. Bedni bugyal is a historical place of world largest celebration Maa Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat yatra.

Day-4 - Bedni to Baguwavasha- 8km trekking

After a lot of experience about trekking trekkers moves for Baguwavasha, Baguwavasha is also known for his history, history says when Maa Nanda( Parvati) went to Kailash Yatra with God Shiva, she sent back her tiger in Baguwavasha and said to stay in the same place whenever she will back from Kailash, from Baguwavasha Roopkund is only 3 km. When the rain falls in the earth of Baguwavasha, the place looks very Pretty, trekkers never forget this beautiful place for many- many years. The maximum altitude of Baguwavasha is approx 14,000ft.

Day-5 - Baguwavasha to Roopkund and return back Paatarnachuni (Total trekking 11km)

After four days of regular trekking, today is the most fantastic day of trekking for trekkers, starting in the early morning after breakfast trekker will be going to the mysterious Skeleton Lake, called skeleton lake. The Roopkund lake mostly covered by snow, if weather permits we saw many crazy peaks from here, like Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, and also we may be climb Junargali top just 500mtr, takes half-an-hour. After completing the target of 15,700 ft we returns back from Roopkund with lot of memorable moment of our life, now we are back for famous place called Paatarnachuni, approx 14,000 ft, this beautiful place situated in the front of famous temple of god Ganesha, which is called Kaalu Vinayak, the Kaalu Vinayak is the main gate of Kailash yatra. The altitude of Kaalu Vinayak is 13,500 ft.

Day- 6- Paatarnachuni to Gairolipaatal

It's the 6th day of trekking, but fun is still not completed to trekkers, the new trekking point is Gairoli Paatal is situated in the middle of the dark forest, in Gairoli different types of trees like Oak, we can see here different types of birds with different colour, also see many types of wildlife. This place is also a famous place of Maa Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat.

Day- 7 Gairolipaatal -> Loha Jung

Finally, it's the last day of the awesome energetic trek, we are back to base camp Lola Jung passing by Waan village, total trekking 6km and 14km from a van from Waan village, You can see historical Laatu Devta temple in this big village.

Day-8- Lohajung to Kathgodam

Now the trek is finished and all the trekkers ready to go home with a lot of memorable moment and the experience of the wonderful trek. 



Fitness is one of the most important things to the trekkers. You need to be physically fit before starting the trek in hills of Himalaya, any height of mountain above more than 13,000 ft you will face problem regarding the oxygen and it will make your trek more difficult, so all the trekker need to be physically fit condition before starting the trek, trekker need flexibilities exercise, this exercise will help you to make the success and joyful trek.

Cancellation Policy

Upto 30 days from the start of trek - 100% refund
Cancellation between 30-20 days to the start of the trek- 75% refund
Cancellation less than one week to start the trek- no refund

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