How I started contributing back to the Drupal Community?

Being an open source contributor, I always convey a message to all the drupalers - “Giving back to the community is the fastest way to learn and grow”, This time I got an opportunity to help Drupal community of Ahmedabad ( which needed to be groomed to get started. So I prepared an interactive session for the meetup. Here are the things we discussed during the session.


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This session was presented at the first Drupal Meetup for Gujarat Drupal Users Group in Ahmedabad

I was asked some basic questions on community involvement. For the benefit of other Drupal Devs I am listing down some common questions that might help some of us.

What is Drupal Community?

The place from where we communicate with Drupal people to get help or suggest/share our experience of doing things. It could be local, national or international.


Why contribute back to the community? Does it impact sales of my organization?

Contributing back to the community help us to grow rapidly. It's a free platform for learning updated things with smart people from the world. If I am a  contributor I get visible in the Drupal world with my skills. As a result, my organisation gets highlighted for that kind of specialisation which definitely impact sales.

Why don't I contribute back to the community?

On the basis of my experience and learning I have often seen that people now all the benefits of contributing back to the community but still do this possible because of following reasons:

Language is a barrier (i can’t write good English)

  • I don’t know how to contribute (Need to get involved)

  • I don’t have time and resources

  • I don’t know how to make it financially viable

  • I didn’t get time to contribute or are planning to contribute (I have heard this reason a lot from people whom I have mentored, did a general discussion or conducted interviews with)

All such kind of reasons are easily fixable, we just need, "where to start" and be motivated to do the open source contribution.

Where/How to start?

Be active and tell others that you are in the IRC. Make sure you have joined groups, share the ideas/suggestions and are ready to fix the problems. There are no categories specified in the community. You can chose to contribute wherever you want.


Lets take an example of where to contribute in d8. Below are the areas you can focus:


  • D8 core issues

  • QA/Testing issues (Needs review to RTBC)

  • Help in finding Security issues

  • Port modules from D7 to D8 (Coder Module upgrade helps in porting to d8 apis)

  • Documentation

  • D8 Usermanual (

  • UI/UX Experience

  • Migration API port

  • Translation

To keep all these things up and to be an active member in the community, we have started Drupal Rush in Sprints as a series where we organize the Monthly codesprints. (