How to make potato nuggets in cutlets style?

Potato nuggets are very tasty tea time snack. It is very easy to prepare and takes too less time to make.
Children love it surely, even you will also love. So let's start preparing -

Ingredients - 

- Boiled mashed potatoes.
- Garam Masala
- Red Chilli Powder
- Coriander Powder
- Black Pepper
- Salt
- Finely chopped green chillies
- Corn flour and water thin paste
- Breadcrumbs
- Oil (Refined is recommended)

How to make?

First of all, pour the mashed potatoes in a bowl. Then add all the spices (Salt, Garam Masala, coriander powder, 
black paper, red chilli powder). Now add green chillies and mix all the ingredients well with hands. Now add some breadcrumbs into the mix and mix all the ingredients again. Now mixture is ready and it's time to make lemon sized balls with the mix and give them patty-like shape by pressing as shown in the picture.

Now heats some oil in a pan. Take 1 patty, dip it into Corn flour and water mixture thin paste. 
Spread some breadcrumbs on a plate, roll the patty in the breadcrumbs (To make it more crispy) 
in a way, so the breadcrumbs can stick all over the patty. Put the patty in the pan for frying and wait until it turns golden brown. Fry all the patties. The Nuggets are ready.  Your anytime favourite snacks potato nuggets are ready, you can garnish as you want. Serve it hot with Green Sauce/Tomato Catchup with Tea or any drink you like. Enjoy it!