How weekend pampering makes me relaxed?

Pampering yourself should be the most relaxing movement and it should be an integral part of everyone's life.
So the main concern here is what do you mean by this?
There are so many ways to pamper yourself like you can take an appointment in any beauty parlour/saloon or have a
good or long sleep, order a delicious food to make please your taste buds :) or go for a movie etc. That you can't have in your weekdays.

I am an IT guy, having the hectic schedule in 5 days in a week so Saturday and Sunday are the best time for
me to pamper myself and always love to do this. But as a guy, I have so many responsibilities to fulfil over
the weekend. So in this way, Saturday always become my half working day but interesting. I do chores like
grocery shopping, fruits and veggies shopping blaa blaa....with full zeal. These are also a way to relax your
mind from the daily routine.

If we talk about my Sunday, It's a full relaxing day, I love to go for movie or restaurant with my wife.
And sometimes I prefer to have hair spa, body spa and cooking Kadi-chawal/chicken/mutton (these are the dishes
which I love the most to have when prepared by me) at home.

So guys like this I rejuvenate myself for the coming week and feel happy.