Life is either a great adventure or nothing

Adventure, defined as an exciting and unusual experience, is available in plenty in a state like Uttarakhand. Home to the majestic snow-clad Himalayas, gurgling rivers and vast meadows stretching beyond horizons. the state offers umpteen opportunities to the daring and the ones roaring to go. Trekking is ready to offer you an experience of a lifetime.

Uttrakhand is a lands of god, popularly known as a Devbhoomi or the abode of gods, Uttarakhand boasts of a number of exquisite temples located in the lap of the mighty Himalayas.  Uttarakhand is the seat of the famous Chardham yatra, covering major pilgrimage centres of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.  promoting equality and universal brotherhood, Uttrakhand is proud to house the famous Sikh shrine-hemkund sahib, dedicated to the founder of Guru Gobind Singh jee.

Trekking with Deepak Joshi Himayalas Heaven Founder
Deepak Joshi, Founder Himalayas Heaven 

Himalaya’s Heaven Adventure company based in Uttarakhand and specialised in trekking and hiking trips, we are the trekking experts in Uttarakhand Himalaya region, we have local area team who knows everything about the history of a particular trek and different Himalayan destination…

We hope you will surely explore the wonders of Uttrakhand.

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