9 Apps for stoping COVID-19 spread in India

9 Apps for stoping COVID-19 spread in India

9 Apps for stoping/tracing COVID-19 spread in India

9 Apps for stoping/tracing COVID-19 spread in India

Most of the countries have developed or developing the apps which can help in contact tracing in a response to Covid-19-pandemic similar way India got the most no of apps developed. Here is the list of those 9 apps which have been developed during this COVID-19-pandemic crisis.  

1. Aarogya Setu 

A free fitness app is launched by Union Government of India / National Informatics Centre, This apps is primarily for contact tracing available in Andriod and iOS, it uses Bluetooth technology to find out any person is inflected in your nearby as per the Bluetooth range. This app also has the chatbot to ask questions along with helpline no. This app is multilingual and till so far it is available in 11 Indian languages. 

Click here for AAROGYA SETU  APP for Andriod

Click here for AAROGYA SETU APP for iOS

Website - https://www.aarogyasetu.in

2. COVA Punjab

Government of Punjab has developed this app for contact tracing considering COVID-19-pandemic, This app is also available in Andriod and iOS. COVA has features like scheduling, managing the track of Mandi, getting information on mass gathering so the appropriate action can be taken.  This app also helps in getting the curfew passes during this tough time. People have been using this for many good purposes like helping people delivering goods. Along with this good feature, this app also helps the Health department by notifying potential COVID-19 cases by geofencing of the quarantined cases.  

Click to download the app from google play store here

3. COVID-19 Feedback

Supported by Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology / Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to get the feedback on the COVID-19 on treatment undergoing individuals.

4. COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor

Released and supported by Government of Tamil Nadu / Pixxon AI Solutions and available on Google play store only, is being used to ensure the people on Home quarantine in Tamil Nadu for not violating the official guidelines. The Govt can monitor the live location of the home quarantined people. The users on this app also can check coronavirus symptoms after providing the answers.

5. GoK Direct

Government of Kerala / Qkopy (for Android), MuseON Communications (for iOS) has launched the app GoK Direct, primarily used for the information purpose only.

6. Mahakavach & 7. Quarantine Watch

Both apps are being used for contact tracing.

8. Test Yourself Goa & 9 Test Yourself Puducherry

The self-diagnostic apps tackle novel Coronavirus and assist patients in identifying their next steps to stay safe from the COVID-19 virus.