Rumination - Why does it lead to such harmful results? How to stop it?

In simple term, rumination is a big cause of depression and an anxiety. When people are depressed, the themes of rumination are typically about being inadequate.  In other words, feeling same things again and again and you are not able to deal with a situation raise anxiety and an anxiety interferes with solving the problem. Rumination gives a birth to a variety of negative consequences like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders.

Why does rumination lead to such harmful results? 

When someone is upset and tries to remember the past life, what all bad things had happened and gives attention on negative things. They are more hopeless about the future because the situation intervenes in current lives more negatively.

Our Brain function plays a role in rumination in several ways so it can be related to memory directly. The same things you try to fix but not able to find the solution. Being a technologist, sometimes the situation when something is already going in my mind doesn't allow me to think about a new solution and blocks my mind with all negatives things or the things which I didn't like or too many things are going on my mind at same time so I face issues tackling with the one which I should be focusing. Then for the brain, its hard to think of another thing. Both anxiety and depression are then reinforced.

Most of us become a target of rumination but no worries there are ways to fight from being ruminated.

Rumination can be solved in easy ways - exit the negativity from the mind and Improve your attention on 1 thing at 1 time.

How I kick-out the negativity from my mind? To stay healthy, this is important for us how we start our day. The ups and downs happen in everyone's life so try to tackle those moments. I  tried the following ways to kickout the negativity from my mind -

Meditation -

Do some exercise and meditate for at least 5-10 minutes daily morning. Push your body and mind to change your attention from negative to positive things.
Meditation, reboot your mind at early morning so all thing gets erase from your mind. This will give the power to fight the problem yourself in right way.

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema (PhD, a psychologist and professor at Yale University) says - “What exactly did my boss say to me that upset me so much yesterday?” and then come up with, “I could ask my boss to talk with me about how I could get a better performance evaluation,”.

Speak more -

Do a conversation with your family, friends and communicate more opening in telling a problem and to find a solution, maybe they can help you. If you do not want to do a conversation about your problems,  no worries, try to find some other topics like politics, games, movies as what you like.

Find a friend or partner to discuss -

A Parter, who can listen and gives a company to you doesn't mean you should become a couple. Such personalities can be your office mates, school friends, or the internet friends. In most of the cases, I saw people are not opened with the people around them like If you are staying in Delhi and you have no friends outside of the office and your office colleagues are just colleagues. In that situation, you need to find people to make friends. Find and join a community over the internet and visit them. Like you can go to and find the groups as you want. 

Social groups engage in activities that foster positive thoughts.

Nowadays the technology is helping a lot when used positively. You can play online games which will completely divert your mind from negatively.

Tackle one problem at one time -

As I mentioned above, it's a serious problem with me during the work, I try to write the problems and do the analysis myself or discuss with a friend which brainstorms solutions. This helps to me give my attention on what I need to do by that time. few times, based on the situations, it doesn't work so I am less productive but the next day I do all things which I feel necessary to kill the negativity thinking.

Have a happy reading. Please post your thoughts what you do when you are depressed and chances of ruminating are high.