Tweeet Poster module is used to post the Tweet status with Image on from our website.

The main advantage of this module is it tweets the image with status on with the help of Tweet Pic API ( The module is easy to configure.

Tweet Poster module (D7) posts the status message with or without an image from a drupal website to website by using Twitter API and Tweet Pic key. I had checked with the many other twitter related modules in but did not find any module which provides posting image along with the status message. This is a small module for D7 where we can extend it with any other custom form submit and node form submit. Module authorises the Twitter app dynamically once they post the status to twitter and shows the tweets on user’s twitter page.

Why I used Tweetpic API:- itself uses the Twitter web services and provides the storage for images. In this module all the images are stored in .These images are used in the status post is User has attached any Image.
Dependency Module: library
Required Library : Libraries has been added.
tmhOAuth (0.7.2) 


1. Create a Twitter app for your Website or project (
2. Download the module.
3. Enable it and go to admin > Twitter API Credential Settings
-Put Twitter App Consumer Key
-Twitter App Consumer Secret
-Callback URL (
-TweetPic API (Get it from
(Note: Please set the Access Level Read & Write while creating API keys on )
4. Save the configuration
5. For posting to twitter using Modules custom form go to Admin -> Structure -> Blocks -> Configure (Tweet Poster) block.

How it Works:-

In this module, I have created a custom form (which will be shown in the block) for sending the data to twitter. While sending the data, first it checks whether the twitter access token is available or not. If the access token is not available then it redirects to the twitter website and asks for the login to twitter account for that application to generate Access Token and Access token secret.Callback Url redirects to your website with the response. If the callback respond is valid then it posts the content to twitter or else will show the response