Your outlook on life decides, how luxurious items those are?

Have you ever observed the nicer things in your life, luxury items? Depends on your outlook on your life. Some people really prefer expensive finer things in their life, They feel they would enjoy the higher lifestyle. You can find the finer things which might not be expensive. 

Yes, this is true the finer things of your life really makes you happy. Some of the finer things in your life makes you happy for a short time and some time for a long time depends on the things you prefer to have. For short time or the occasions - you make like to have -

- Spa
- Swimming pool
- Dining out
- Weekend parties
- Nightclubs
- A spa bath, sauna or massage

After the finer things what you feel, what you talk about? It's really a good habit to appreciate the things made you happy. 

All finer things could be luxury or not.  Short time finer things can also include - 
- Granny Homes,
- Meeting OLD school friends
- Spending time with your family or kids
- Inviting your friends, siblings for dinner at home
- Cooking 

The finer things are not limited to expensive trinkets or things we can rarely afford.
The finest things can be the things that we sometimes take for granted in everyday living, like a sunset or a smile. When we begin to appreciate their simple beauty, when we value them above others, these things are the things we consider the finest in life. So post your finer things in comments, we will update the post with your name. have a pleasant life.